“To provide all coworkers the most comprehensive workspace matching facility, bundle with business operations and lifestyle one needs.”

Workspace Match

Careful research of the industry and consumer makeup must be conducted before starting up a business. Some business owners choose to hire market research firms to aid them.

Company Setup, Bank Account Opening, Licensing Consultancy

In most areas, businesses setups are expected to submit to documents and authorisations and obtain certain business licenses, permits. COWO personnels have full capability to assist in this area.

Equipment and Supplies

Every business type requires some form of equipment and basic supplies. Before adding equipment expense to the list of startup costs, COWO can provide a package, such as name-cards printing, IT-web creation/hosting, etc.

Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promoting the business is much more than ad placement. It also includes marketing - everything a company does in order to attract clients to the business. COWO can introduce you the best marketing package.

Borrowing Costs

Starting up any kind of business requires an infusion of capital. There are two ways to acquire capital for a business: equity financing and debt financing.

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